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About Topher

Topher was born in 1982 and raised in the south-east of Australia.  He quickly got used to being regarded as ‘different’ thanks to a variety of things including being one of seven children when about 2.3 children per family was the norm, being schooled at home which was almost unheard of in Australia at the time, and being willing to stand for what he believed was right even if he was standing alone.

The early years.

Topher was introduced to acting and screen presenting at an early age, acting in church plays for Christmas and Easter, and helping out his father who made lifestyle and religious shows for a local community TV station.  At 18 Topher decided the film, television and entertainment industry were not for him, and struck out to find his own way.

The following years involved a variety of jobs including landscaping, forklift driving, a stint in the Australian Army Reserve and pursuing a career in integrated logistics management.  Circumstances conspired to entice Topher back onto the stage in 2007 at age 25 and thus began a new course which brought him full circle;  Back to acting, presenting, and the industry his father had introduced him to as a child.

The Political awakening.

But Topher brought his own angle as well, the political activist.  During his mid 20s as a severe drought began to make itself felt across his home state of Victoria, Topher began to pay attention to politics and what the government was going to do about the water shortage.

He didn’t like what he saw.

This was the beginning of an ‘awakening’ for Topher which led to him taking a public stand on the issue of water management, which ultimately became a five part YouTube mini-documentary series in which Topher tackled five different aspects of the water management issue and presented his research and conclusions on the subject.

The ball starts rolling.

One thing led to another as tens of thousands of people began to discover his work and Topher expanded on his activism to incorporate other subjects.  This most notably included his views on government as an entity including mini-doco’s about taxation, regulation, and our government’s desire to curtail our natural born human rights such as the right to think for ourselves, say what we believe, believe what we will, associate with whom we will and do business or not do business with whom and in whatever manner we in our exclusive authority deem best.

This view of government inevitably means that Topher finds fault with much of what modern western governments do on a day-to-day basis, curtailing our rights, impinging on our freedoms and imposing themselves on our every day decisions in ways which no one aught to have the right to do.

The Future.

Topher now seeks to draw peoples attention to the many and varied ways in which governments unjustifiably impose their will over their citizens using a mix of hard data, straightforward analysis and his natural Australian cynicism. After nearly five years of activism Topher has won many fans and more than a few detractors.

Topher plans to continue his video based activism for the forseeable future, but hopes to progress to Television and even feature documentaries in the future.

Topher also has a love for storytelling and recognises the power that the entertainment industry has in shaping the way we view the world and the attitudes we consider to be ‘normal’.  Topher hopes to move into the entertainment industry and to that end he has written and directed a number of short films, is working on a feature film script and hopes in time to earn his place in the broader film industry, not just as an activist, but as an entertainer and storyteller.

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